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10 Awesome Things You Can Do In VR Other than Gaming!


Most people think of Virtual Reality as a medium for gaming. Fair enough! But there are so many more things that you do in VR besides that. From watching movies, playing instruments or meditating in VR. The possibilities to expand your reality are endless. Grab yourself a VR Headset and try them out yourself! #vr #virtual #reality

15 Awesome Other Things to do in, VR Non-Gaming - Quest 2 Tips and Tricks


Awesome Oculus Quest Tips and Tricks for Beginners; the Best things to do in VR, other than gaming. If you've recently bought a new VR headset or even if you're a veteran user; you're sure to find something interesting in this list. Lots of them are Free Apps available for the Quest 2. If you've found this helpful then give me a like and consider subscribing if you love VR content. 0:23 Watch VR Movies (Bigscreen) 1:02 Painting (Google Tilt Brush) 1:24 Travel the World (Wander) 1:59 Attend events (Horizon Venues) 2:23 Get Fit (FitXR and Supernatural) 3:08 Learn Graffiti (Kingspray Graffiti) 3:30 Hold Meetings (Horizon Workrooms) 4:04 Watch TV (Netflix and Amazon Prime) 4:27 Social Apps (VR Chat, Horizon Worlds and AltspaceVr 4:57 Meditation (Guided Meditation VR) 5:18 Learn (Anne Frank House VR and Mission:ISS 5:55 Sculpture (SculptrVR and Gravity Sketch 6:20 Poker (Pokerstars VR) 6:49 Sport (Walkabout Mini Golf, Eleven Table Tennis and FoerVR Bowl) 7:28 Browse the Web

Top 10 BEST VR Apps For 360° VIDEOS And MOVIES


In this video I will show you top 10 best vr apps for 360° videos and movies. Download! Google VR Services : 🤍 Cardboard : 🤍 Fulldive VR : 🤍 Var's VR Video Player : 🤍 360 VUZ : 🤍 Veer VR : 🤍 Oculus : 🤍 Sites In VR : 🤍 Within VR : 🤍 AAA VR Cinema : 🤍 Timestamps! 0:00 Intro 0:23 App no. 10 (AAA VR Cinema) 2:01 App no. 9 (Within VR) 3:01 App no. 8 (Sites In VR) 4:23 App no. 7 (Oculus) 5:04 App no. 6 (Veer VR) 5:37 App no. 5 (360 VUZ) 6:22 App no. 4 (Var's VR Video Player) 7:42 App no. 3 (Fulldive VR) 8:56 App no. 2 (Cardboard) 9:42 App no. 1 (Google VR Services) 10:24 Outro

12 of the Best Free VR Apps


Today I share with you what I think are 12 of the best free virtual reality apps! Time stamps and links to each app are below* _ *ATTENTION!:* This video is over a year old, and some (If not most) of the apps mentioned in the video have been removed. As of 12/23/16, the links below have been updated. But as I have said, some have been removed from the app store, or were simply never available on the google play store. It's not my fault, but I can see why you'd be upset. I'm thinking of using some of your suggested apps, (And more reliable ones) for another video in the future. I am aware that some might consider this a weak list, and I'm willing to dive further into the world of VR apps for the next installment. Thanks for your time :) #12: 0:22 IOS: 🤍 Android: 🤍 _ #11: 0:48 IOS: 🤍 Android: 🤍 _ #10: 1:15 IOS: 🤍 Android: 🤍 _ #9: 2:00 IOS: 🤍 Android: No longer available. _ #8: 2:20 IOS: 🤍 Android: Not available. _ #7: 2:45 IOS: No longer available. Android: 🤍 _ #6: 3:09 IOS: 🤍 Android: h🤍 _ #5: 3:42 IOS: 🤍 Android: 🤍 _ #4: 4:08 IOS: No longer available. Android: Not available. _ #3: 4:30 IOS: 🤍 Android: 🤍 _ #2: 5:00 IOS: 🤍 Android: 🤍 _ #1: 6:09 IOS: 🤍 Android: 🤍 _ Song: Pyro Flow 🤍 *Some apps are removed/unavailable for IOS or Android, sorry.

🔥🔥Top 10 best VR apps for Android 🔥🔥🔥🔥


This VR games is awesome. Go to the play store and download this games. #VRgames Vr player app:🤍 Jaunt vr app:🤍 Sites in vr app:🤍 Deep space in vr app:🤍 Temple rider vr app:🤍 Hardcode vr app:🤍 X racer vr app:🤍 Cmoar roller coaster vr app:🤍 Voxel fly vr app:🤍 Minus starfighter vr:🤍 Like,comment,share,subscribe- Subscribe here#👆:🤍 Twitter:🤍 Instagram:🤍 Google+:🤍 Video music:NCS song(Zaza_-_Be_Together_[NCS_Release):🤍

VR Is Not Only About Gaming - 10 Other Awesome Things You Can Do In VR!


► UPDATED 2020 version with more things to do here! → 🤍 VR gaming is fun... But there are other things that we really enjoy doing in VR. So here are 10 awesome things you can do in VR other than gaming! As much as we love gaming, we wanted to show you things that we really enjoy doing in VR apart from gaming. The things on this list are what makes VR extra special to us. This list is for everyone, from people already experienced in VR looking for new things to try, to people who never tried it before and want to know what you can do other than gaming. Share this with your non-VR friends and maybe you’ll be able to get them to join the Oasis with us. TIMESTAMPS 00:48 #1 Relive your memories 02:46 #2 Level up personal development skills 03:30 #3 Working in VR 04:14 #4 Watch movies on a huge screen 04:53 #5 Educate yourself in VR 05:47 #6 Watch manga in VR 06:17 #7 Workout in VR 07:28 #8 Get the best seats at live shows or sports games 08:18 #9 Create 3D artwork 09:01 #10 Host business meetings in VR LINKS - Get Insta360 EVO + Invisible Selfie Stick → 🤍 - Samsung BeFearless → 🤍 - Speech Trainer → 🤍 - PsychLabVR → 🤍 - Guided Meditation VR → 🤍 - Big Screen → 🤍 - Virtual Desktop → 🤍 - Netflix VR → 🤍 - PlexVR → 🤍 - The Body VR → 🤍 - Titanic VR → 🤍 - Apollo 11 VR → 🤍 - AltSpace VR Events → 🤍 - Tales of the Wedding Rings VR → 🤍 or 🤍 - Beat Saber → 🤍 - BoxVR → 🤍 - RaveRunner → 🤍 - PowerBeatsVR → 🤍 - Man Loses 138 Pounds in Beat Saber 🤍 - Tilt Brush → 🤍 - Quill → 🤍 - Medium → 🤍 - CollabHub → 🤍 - Facebook Spaces → 🤍 SUPPORT US ► VRcovers for your headset → 🤍 ► WidmoVR prescription lens adapters for your headset → 🤍 (5% discount code: CAS&CHARY) ► Play PC VR games with your mobile → 🤍 (10% discount code: JWGTCASCHARY) ► Or become our Patron (includes exclusive rewards) → 🤍 OUR SPECS - Our microphone (ModMic Wireless) → 🤍 - Our VR equipment → 🤍 - More info here → 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA 💬 Join our Discord → 🤍 💬 Twitter → 🤍 💬 Facebook → 🤍 💬 Instagram → 🤍 A special thanks to these Patreon Champs for their amazing support: - artArmin - Baxorn - Fleef - Wintceas - VR Ambassador - Andy - Albert - Ben P. - James - The Architect - Olemartinorg VR on! - Cas and Chary VR - Links in this description may contain affiliate links. You don't have to use them but if you do, a small referral fee will go to this channel supporting the content. - The Insta360 Evo was given to us for free. Per our guidelines, no review direction was received. Our opinions are our own. #VRUses #ThingsToDoInVR #VirtualReality #VR DISCLAIMER Links in this description may contain affiliate links. We may earn from qualifying purchases from these links (without costing you more).

Top 10 VR Services Android App | Review


Super 10 VR Services Android Apps Find the links below to download from Google Play Store: List of top VR Services: 10 Google VR Services 🤍 9 Cardboard 🤍 8 Daydream 🤍 7 Fulldive VR - Virtual Reality 🤍 6 VR Player - Virtual Reality 🤍 5 YouTube VR 🤍 4 Cardboard Design Lab 🤍 3 Gizmo VR Video Player: 360 Virtual Reality Videos 🤍 2 Within VR - Cinematic Virtual Reality 🤍 1 VR Browser 🤍 Content of this Video: 10 best Free VR Services Android Apps Most downloaded Free VR Services Android Apps Created video is for information purpose only.

Top 5 Best VR Apps For Android | Tech Spy


Hello! Guys Welcome To Our Channel Tech Spy And We Goona Show Today About Top 5 Best VR Apps For Android. This is One of the best Top Best VR Apps. Please Subscribe to our channel tech spy for more updates. #TechSpy #VRApps #Top5BestVRAppsForAndroid Download link here:- Firefox reality:- 🤍 Plex VR:- 🤍 YouTube VR:- 🤍 Paint VR:- 🤍 FullDive VR:- 🤍 Please Subscribe to our channel tech spy.

How to Play VR Apps On Android & iPhone - Virtual Reality Headset


How to choose the best VR headset (virtual reality glasses)? Simply type "Bnext VR Headset" on Amazon, choose the Headset Learn how to search and play 360 VR apps, games and videos on YouTube, using your smartphone and a standard Virtual Reality Headset! And find out how virtual reality headset (glasses) work. Don’t own a VR Headset yet? You can order the Bnext VR Headset today on Amazon, in a 50% discount! Simply search for “Bnext VR Headset” on Amazon. Customers of the Bnext VR Headset will find an elaborated instruction manual in the box, that contains download links of breathtaking 360 VR games and 360 VR videos, and for free! Other search terms for the Bnext VR Headset: Best VR glasses, top VR goggles, Best vr glasses, Bnext VR goggles, Bnext VR glasses, B-next VR headset, Bnext virtual reality glasses, Bnext virtual reality headset, virtual reality headset, virtual reality headset for iPhone, virtual reality headset for apple, virtual reality headset for android, virtual reality headset for smartphone, VR glasses, how do VR glasses work, how do 3D VR glasses work, how do VR headset work, how to watch 360 vr headset, how to use a VR headset, next VR glasses, next vr headset, next vr, How to Play VR Games & Videos With a Smartphone, Virtual Reality Headset, How to Play Virtual Reality apps using a Smartphone, How to Play Virtual Reality games with your smartphone,

10 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android & iOS in 2021


#AR #AugmentedRealty #AugmentedRealityApps #VR 10 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android & iOS in 2021 Welcome to Viral Technovations where we talk about top tech news, new technology gadgets and inventions, and what the future holds for the most amazing and cool technologies. We may even take you into territories where you never thought that was possible because even science fiction could be evidence of some reality.

These Virtual Reality Apps Let You Travel The World Without Ever Leaving Home | Mach | NBC News


Virtual Reality apps for Travel are becoming more realistic, as VR hardware and software gets more advanced. If you like the idea of travel and exploration, but would rather do it from the comfort of your own home these five apps might offer you the perfect weekend getaway. » Subscribe to NBC News: 🤍 » Watch more NBC video: 🤍 NBC News is a leading source of global news and information. Here you will find clips from NBC Nightly News, Meet The Press, and original digital videos. Subscribe to our channel for news stories, technology, politics, health, entertainment, science, business, and exclusive NBC investigations. Connect with NBC News Online! Visit NBCNews.Com: 🤍 Find NBC News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow NBC News on Twitter: 🤍 Follow NBC News on Google+: 🤍 Follow NBC News on Instagram: 🤍 Follow NBC News on Pinterest: 🤍 These Virtual Reality Apps Let You Travel The World Without Ever Leaving Home | Mach | NBC News

TOP 10 Quest 2 Games & Apps (2022) - For Everyone!


These are the best Oculus Quest 2 games for beginners in 2022. These games should NOT cause nausea or motion sickness. I selected a wide variety of games for both VR gamers and non-gamers alike. I left out the AAA titles such as After the Fall, Walking Dead, and Resident Evil since those have more action-packed movements that are likely to make you nauseous. I also made sure to include creativity apps such as Google Tiltbrush and Tribe XR for those who want to use their Meta Quest 2 for utility rather than gaming. I'll be posting my top FREE games video next. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss that! ................................................ 🌸 ABOUT MY CHANNEL VR with Jasmine demystifies virtual reality for new users through VR tutorials, VR product reviews and Quest 2 tips. The Metaverse is for everyone! Let me help get you up to speed. ✅ Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE here: 🤍 ✨ Support this channel by joining my Patreon: 🤍 ................................................ 🔗 AFFILIATE LINKS: *Thank you for using my links and supporting this channel ❤️ 🥝 Kiwi Design (the BEST quality headset strap + controller grips) 5% OFF PROMO CODE: JASMINEVR 🤍 🥋 VR Cover (my FAVORITE VR facial interface) 🤍 ▶ OTHER VR PRODUCTS & ACCESSORIES I USE: 🤍 ▶ MY PC & RECORDING GEAR: 🤍 Disclaimer: Jasmine is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 🤍amazon.com. ................................................ ⏰ TIME STAMPS: 00:00 QUEST 2 is the #1 App on iOS 00:30 Games List 07:36 BONUS Games ................................................ ▶ CONNECT WITH ME WEBSITE: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 TIKTOK: 🤍 TWITCH: 🤍 📨 PARTNERSHIPS & SPONSORSHIPS: hello [at] vrwithjasmine [dot] com 💬 JOIN THE COMMUNITY: 🤍 ................................................ ♡ Grow with us! Current subscriber count: 1401

Virtual reality: de beste apps om het meeste uit VR te halen


Er is zoveel mogelijk in de wereld van VR zoals gamen, sporten en ontdekken. Prescious vertelt je in deze video hoe je de beste ervaring kan halen uit je VR-bril met haar Oculus Quest 2. Oculus Quest 2: 🤍 Alle VR-brillen: 🤍 Volledige lijst met apps: Beat Saber Population One Resident Evil 4 VR Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners RecRoom Echo VR FitXR Carve Snowboarding Netflix VR National Geographic VR In deze video: 0:00 Intro 0:12 Mogelijkheden met VR 0:44 Actie games 1:49 Horror games 2:51 Multiplayer games 3:32 Sporten en gamen in VR 4:13 Andere VR-apps 4:56 Conclusie Bekijk ook Coolblue’s andere kanalen: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Bekijk alle producten via onze Coolblue App: 🤍 #coolblue #virtualreality #oculusquest2

VR Is Not Only About Gaming - 10 Other Awesome Things You Can Do In VR


There are other things that we really enjoy doing in VR. So here are 10 awesome things you can do in VR other than gaming! VR Use Other Than Gaming - In today's video I share 10 ideas that you can have fun with on a virtual reality headset, the particular one I am using is Oculus Quest 2. VR headsets are not just for gaming, gaming is only one good use we get out of VR headsets. See description below for details. Please consider SUBSCRIBING if virtual reality is something you're into, I will have more VR content coming out in the future. Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:39 Wander Oculus Quest 2 01:30 Next VR Oculus Quest 2 02:25 FitXR Oculus Quest 2 03:35 Guided Meditation VR Oculus Quest 2 04:44 Bigscreen Oculus Quest 2 05:28 VR Dates - Walkabout Mini Golf, Cook-out, Shayzee VR on Oculus Quest 2 05:59 Learning in VR - YouTube VR, National Geographic Explore, Ocean Rift 07:06 Virtual Meetings - Spacial Oculus Quest 2 07:54 VR Escape Room - Dirty Money, Knowledge and Order, Salesclerk Revenge 08:41 Birdly Oculus Rift 09:18 Outro I do not own rights to the music played at 00:55, please see below for artist/license info: Dance, Don't Delay by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. 🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍 #oculus #vr #vractivities

Top 5 Best VR Apps For Google Cardboard


Top 5 Best VR Apps For Google Cardboard 1. Fulldive VR ► 2. YouTube ► 3. AAA VR Cinema ► 4. Google Cardboard App ► 5. Coastiality VR ► = For More Exciting Updates, Please Subscribe My Channel ► 🤍 = ⦿ Watch More Videos ⦿ = Related Tags : Top 5, Top 5 Best, Top 5 Information,best vr apps for android without controller, best vr apps android no controller, best free vr apps for android, best vr movie apps for android, best 3d vr apps for android, best cardboard vr apps, best vr apps for samsung, = Thank you for watching Top 5 Information video. Don't Forget Like, Comment, Share And Subscribe To My Channel. = "SOME IMAGES ARE USED AS ILLUSTRATIONS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE UNDER FAIR USE - All images and videos used are in Public Domain" = Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

AWESOME Things You Can Do In VR Other Than Gaming (2022)!


Most people think VR is just for gaming but there's so much more. Today I'll show you what else is awesome to explore! ► Check out Unity's Digital Twin solutions → 🤍 I make this video every year as XR tech advances rapidly, and we keep getting new or improved things. This year is even better as covid accelerated the industry. How fast this goes is just mind-blowing! Huge thanks to Unity for supporting the channel by sponsoring today's video! - SUPPORT US ► Get a Meta / Oculus Quest 2 here: 🤍 ► VR Accessories & Equipment Tips here: 🤍 ► VR Discount Codes: 🤍 ► Buy our VR Merch: 🤍 ► Our PC Specs: 🤍 ► Become our Patron: 🤍 ► Become a Sponsor on YT: 🤍 May contain affiliate links that earn us a small referral fee from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you). - GET LATEST UPDATES Instagram → 🤍 Twitter → 🤍 Facebook → 🤍 Join our Discord → 🤍 - A SPECIAL THANKS to these Patreon Champs 🛡️ for their support: 😘 Ztreak, Albert R., Ben P., Steve D., Thomas M. Rice, Andy F., Nathan S., Old Lady Gamer, Jon C. - TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Intro 00:34 Explore the wildest places 01:05 VR Museum 01:36 Recreate Your Room 1-on-1 02:10 Get Better at Sports 03:42 Watch 3D Movies In A Private Theater 04:20 (ghehe) Meeting Movie Stars in VR 05:12 Overcoming Fears 06:09 Measuring Tape 06:19 Collaborate in VR 07:32 Learning in VR 08:48 VR 360 Videos 09:33 VR Events 10:12 VR Clubbing 10:50 Diary 3.0 11:57 VR Robot 12:20 Get a VR job in a metaverse company 13:48 Final Thoughts & Outro - DISCLAIMER This video was sponsored by Unity - Digital Twins. Per our guidelines, no review direction was received. Our opinions are our own. Links in this description may contain affiliate links. We may earn a small referral fee from qualifying purchases that support the channel (at no extra cost to you). #casandchary #vr #quest2 #explorewithquest VR on! - Cas and Chary VR

What Do I Need to Become a VR Developer? (VR Headsets, Apps, and Skills needed)


VR and XR GameDev is one of the hottest emerging jobs on the planet right now, but how do you get into it? What headset should I buy? What apps do I need to download? And what skills do I need to start coding for VR games? Hey devs! This kind of industry requires a TON of hardware, software, and skills, so I figured why not make a video about what all is required to at least start VR gamedev. Keep in mind, as far as the skills go, you don't need to be an expert in all of these areas (or any of them). Just learn enough to be competent. You'll figure out what you're interested in along the way. Let me know where you're at in your VR journey! Just starting? Already know some 3D game development? Come hang out in the comments!! // 🎓 GRAB THE COURSE PRE-SALE NOW! 🤍 // 🤯 HEADACHE-FREE VR SETUP GUIDE 🤍 // 🥽 TAKE THE VR DEVELOPER QUIZ 🤍 // 🔗 LINKS FROM THE VIDEO _Headsets_ Google Cardboard: 🤍 Google Daydream: 🤍 Samsung (Oculus) Gear VR: 🤍 Oculus Quest 2: 🤍 Oculus Rift S: 🤍 HTC Vive: 🤍 _Game Engines_ Unity: 🤍 Unreal: 🤍 _YouTubers_ Brackeys: 🤍 Valem: 🤍 VR with Andrew: 🤍 ME!: 🤍 _3D Assets_ TurboSquid: 🤍 Free3D: 🤍 CGTrader: 🤍 Sketchfab: 🤍 Probuilder: 🤍 _Audio_ FreeSound: 🤍 Epidemic Sound: 🤍 // 👋 JOIN THE DISCORD 🤍 // 📺 WATCH NEXT How to Make a VR Game: 🤍 How to Set Up your Oculus Quest 2: 🤍 How to Use Unity's New Input System: 🤍 How to Set Up Procedural Inverse Kinematics: 🤍 // ⌚ TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 1:16 Try it! 1:58 What headset should I get? 3:23 What game engine should I use? 4:38 How do I learn game development? 5:54 Art and 3D Assets 7:29 Audio 8:07 Make some projects! 9:51 Subscribe! Sharing VR tips to help you create that Virtual Reality game faster than you thought possible!

أفضل 6 تطبيقات للسفر في الواقع الافتراضي | TOP 6 VR TRAVEL APPS


: سوف نسعد كثيرا بمتابعتك لنا عبر صفحتنا على الفيسبوك 🤍 #vr #Virtual_Reality #السفر_في_الواقع_الافتراضي #انواع_نظارة_الواقع_الافتراضي #افضل_نظارات_واقع_افتراضي #افضل_نظارة_واقع_افتراضي #نظارات_واقع_افتراضي #افضل_نظارة #اسعار_نظارات_واقع_افتراضي #سعر_نظارة_واقع_افتراضي #افضل_نظارة_vr #نظارة_سامسونج_vr #واقع_افتراضي #نظارات_VR #نظارات_Quest2 #نظارة_vr #سعر_نظارة_vr #نظارة_vr_للكمبيوتر #vr_ 360 #نظارات_العالم_الافتراضي #نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي_للكمبيوتر #نظارات_الواقع الافتراضي_360_رعب #افضل_نظارات_واقع افتراضي_2021 #Vr_chat #Vr_chat_في الهاتف #افضل_الالعاب_للواقع_الافتراضي #العاب_الواقع_الافتراضي #vr_box #htc_vive_pro #Oculus_quest2 #Valve_index #Gear_vr #vive #نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي_للكمبيوتر #vr #Virtual_Reality #2022_نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي #نظارات_العالم_الافتراضي #نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي_للكمبيوتر #نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي_360_رعب #افضل_نظارات_واقع افتراضي_2021 #Vr_chat #Vr_chat_الهاتف #افضل_الالعاب_للواقع_الافتراضي #العاب_الواقع_الافتراضي #بلايستيشن _vr #بلايستيشن _vr2 #بلايستيشن _vr5 #بلايستيشن _vr_العاب #بلايستيشن _vr_نظارة #بلايستيشن _vr_جهاز #بلايستيشن _5 #بلايستيشن _4 #بلايستيشن _6 #بلايستيشن _vr #ملحقات_بلايستيشن _5 #playstation_5_vr #playstation_vr2 #بلايستيشن _vr_سعر #انواع_نظارة_الواقع_الافتراضي #افضل_نظارات_واقع_افتراضي #افضل_نظارة_واقع_افتراضي #نظارات_واقع_افتراضي #2_بلايستيشن_في_ار #افضل_نظارة #اسعار_نظارات_واقع_افتراضي #سعر_نظارة_واقع_افتراضي #كيف_اشتري_اراضي_افتراضية #اراضي_افتراضية #طريقة_شراء_اراضي-افتراضية #بيع_اراضي_افتراضية #موقع_شراء_اراضي_افتراضية #ما_هو_الميتافيرس #metaverse #meta #الواقع الافتراضي_و_الواقع_المعزز #انواع_نظارة_الواقع_الافتراضي #افضل_نظارات_واقع_افتراضي #افضل_نظارة_واقع_افتراضي #نظارات_واقع_افتراضي #افضل_نظارة #الاراضي_الرقمية_ثنيان_خالد #ميتا #اسعار_نظارات_واقع_افتراضي #سعر_نظارة_واقع_افتراضي #افضل_نظارة_vr #Virtual_Reality #Apple #نظارات_ابل_الذكية #نظارات_ابل ar #نظارة_ابل_الجديده #نظارة_سامسونج_vr #واقع_افتراضي #نظارات_VR #نظارات_Quest2 #نظارة_vr #ميتافيرس #ميتا #ميتا_فيسبوك #تكنولوجبا_ميتافيرس #ميتافيرس عمرو اديب #سعر_نظارة_vr #نظارة_vr_للكمبيوتر #vr_360 #vr_box #htc_vive_pro #Oculus_quest2 #Valve_index #Gear_vr #vr #vive #metaverse #meta #meta_facebook #oculus #oculus_quest #oculus_rift #hp_reverb_G2 #playstation_vr #ps_vr #ps5_vr #oculus_go #افضل_نظارات_واقع افتراضي_2022 #Oculus_quest3 #2021 #نظارات_للكمبيوتر #نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي_360 #نظارات_ابل #نظارات_ابل #نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي_العاب #نظارات_الواقع_المعزز #نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي_htc_vive #نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي_للكمبيوتر #نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي_htc_vive #_للجوال_نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي #مضحكة_نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي #نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي_مارك #نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي_ببجي #نظارات_vr_للكمبيوتر #2022 #افضل_نظارة_vr #نظارة_سامسونج_vr #واقع_افتراضي #نظارات_VR #نظارات_Quest2 #نظارة_vr #سعر_نظارة_vr #نظارة_vr_للكمبيوتر #vr_ 360 #نظارات_العالم_الافتراضي #نظارات_الواقع_الافتراضي_للكمبيوتر #نظارات_الواقع الافتراضي_360_رعب #افضل_نظارات_واقع افتراضي_2021 #Vr_chat #Vr_chat_في الهاتف #افضل_الالعاب_للواقع_الافتراضي #العاب_الواقع_الافتراضي #vr_box #htc_vive_pro #Oculus_quest2 #Valve_index #Gear_vr #vive #oculus #oculus_quest #oculus_rift #hp_reverb_G2 #playstation_vr #ps_vr #ps5_vr #oculus_go #افضل_نظارات_واقع افتراضي_2022 #Oculus_quest3 #oculus #oculus_quest #oculus_rift #hp_reverb_G2 #playstation_vr #ps_vr #ps5_vr #oculus_go #افضل_نظارات_واقع افتراضي_2022 #Oculus_quest3

Top 3 BEST VR Apps For 360° VIDEOS And MOVIES


PLAY 360° VIDEO ON PC/MAC : 🤍 In this video I will show you top 3 best vr apps for 360° videos and movies. Download! Google Cardboard : 🤍 Fulldive VR : 🤍 Var's VR Video Player : 🤍 Timestamps! 0:00 Intro 0:32 App no. 3 (Var's VR Video Player) 3:03 App no. 2 (Fulldive VR) 5:13 App no. 1 (Google Cardboard) 10:10 Outro

The best educational VR apps and games on the Oculus Rift S


More people than ever before are looking for ways to learn from the comfort and safety of their own home – and the Oculus Rift S VR headset is a great tool to help with that. From exploring the world with Google Earth VR to getting up close and personal with distant planets in Titans of Space: these are the best educational apps and games available for VR via the Oculus store. Check out the Oculus Rift S on Newegg: 🤍 For more VR hardware and news, visit Newegg’s VR central: 🤍 Follow Newegg Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Mixer: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Shop our site: 🤍 Shop global: 🤍 Get exclusive email discounts: 🤍 More Hardware and Gaming Content Newegg Insider: 🤍 GameCrate:🤍 #OculusRiftS #VR #EducationalGames Legal: Newegg Inc. provides the information contained herein as an educational service. Although we believe the information in this presentation to be accurate and timely, because of the rapid changes in the industry and our reliance on information provided by outside sources, we make no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content or other material which we may reference. This presentation is provided on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of title, non-infringement or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This video/audio file is the property of Newegg Inc. Newegg Inc. grants permission to distribute, rebroadcast or copy this file, provided that (1) the below copyright notice appears in all copies (2) is for non-commercial use only and (3) is not modified in any way. Copyright © 2019 Newegg Inc. All rights reserved.

How to Create a VR App for Android in 7 Minutes


Read the full post: 🤍 | Join Adam as he shows you how to create a fully functioning VR app for Android (Cardboard or Daydream) in less than 7 minutes using Unity. An intro to Unity3D: 🤍 How to create a 3D shooter in Unity: 🤍 How to create more immersive VR content: 🤍 Download the Android Authority App: 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Stay connected to Android Authority: - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 Follow the Team: Joe Hindy: 🤍 Lanh Nguyen: 🤍 Jayce Broda: 🤍 Gary Sims: 🤍 Kris Carlon: 🤍 Adam Sinicki: 🤍 David Imel: 🤍 Bailey Stein: 🤍

The Best VR Apps for Remote Work | Meetings, Presentations, Conference Calls, Education & Training!


Here are 19 VR applications that can be used for remote work such as a conference call, school education, healthcare training, design review, presentation and other software. Check out the full article by RoadToVR here: 🤍 Team Collaboration & Presentation MeetinVR 🤍 Glue 🤍 Connec2 🤍 MeetingRoom 🤍 Dream 🤍 VSpatial 🤍 Social VR Platforms AltspaceVR 🤍 Bigscreen 🤍 Mozilla Hubs 🤍 Facebook Horizon 🤍 VTime 🤍 Education & Training Engage 🤍 Oxford Medical Simulation 🤍 Rumii 🤍 Acadicus 🤍 Wonda VR 🤍 Design, Creation, & Prototyping Sketchbox 🤍 The Wild 🤍 Softspace`🤍 Get the Oculus Quest! Amazon - 🤍 (affiliate link) Upgrade your VR experience with Proximat Direct - 🤍 Amazon - 🤍 Ebay - 🤍 Follow me in these places for updates on everything VR Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 #VR #Meeting #Presentation

Best VR App : Full Dive VR [ Hindi ]


Agar aap Virtual Reality Headset ka istemal karte hai to ye VR app aapke liye bahut hi majedaar saabit ho sakti hai.. App Name : Full Dive VR Link : 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- All about: "MIUI 9 FEATURES | RELEASE DATE | SUPPORTED DEVICES in HINDI" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- If You Like my Work Consider Donating at - 🤍

Virtual Reality Box Support & Apps with Tutorial | Hindi


Dosto kuch logo ke sawaal aa rahe the jaise : 1. VR Box Ko kaise istemal karna hai? 2. Kya mere Phone me VR & VR Box kaam Karega? 3. Kaise VR Apps ko Use Kare? 4. Kaise VR Games Khele? 5. Kaise Google Cardboard ka istemal Kare? 6. VR Box me Videos Kaise Dekhe? Best Virtual Reality App Full Dive VR Tutorial : 🤍 Mi VR Play Unboxing : 🤍 Mi VR Play Review : 🤍 Mi VR Play Pairing Google Cardboard Tutorial : 🤍 Cheapest VR Box : 🤍 In Sab Sawaalo ke Jawaab maine is video me dene ki Koshish ki hai.. Assalamu Alaikum Dosto Mai hu Shahrukh Aur Aap dekh rahe hai, The Tech Star. If You Like my Work Consider Donating at - 🤍

Top 10 Non-Gamer Virtual Reality Experiences on the Quest 2!


Here are Sean and Landon's top picks for games and experiences in VR that are perfect for non-gamers. Not everybody who loves VR plays it for video gaming. There are many amazing experiences to be had no matter what you like!

SideQuest in VR! The new OFFICIAL SideQuest app that works in Quest 2 headset!


SideQuest will never be the same!!! Now you can access SideQuest inside your Quest 2 headset + loads more!!! Get SIdeQuest Easy Installer (BETA) - 🤍 * Enter SideQuest Giveaways! - 🤍 How to sideload apps using PC: 🤍 How to sideload apps using a Phone: 🤍 SideQuest Custom Homes: 🤍 Join SideQuest on Discord to join our VR community! –🤍 Visit us on Social Media! - - Twitter - 🤍 - Instagram - 🤍 - Facebook - 🤍 - TikTiok - 🤍 - Reddit - 🤍 - LinkedIn - 🤍 #sidequest #vr #metaquest2 #quest2

Best VR Games & Apps to Kick-Off 2021!


Let’s be honest, 2020 has been an absolute nightmare. From the wildfires to the lockdowns to the protests, this past year has proven to be one of the most difficult in recent memory, offering people the world over a seemingly endless wave of disasters and crises to overcome. Thankfully, 2021 presents a fresh start for all of us. And what better way to kick off the new year than learning a new skill, establishing a killer workout regiment, or training your brain with intense puzzles and challenges? Start 2021 off on the right foot with one of the following VR games and apps: SUPERNATURAL: 🤍 SPATIAL: 🤍 FACEBOOK's QUILL 🤍 MYST: 🤍 HALF-LIFE: ALYX: 🤍 #OculusQuest2 #OculusQuest #VR SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW WEEKLY EPISODES ►►► Youtube Subscribe - 🤍 ► VRScout Facebook 🤍 ► VRScout Twitter - 🤍 ► VRScout Instagram 🤍 ► VRScout Twitch.tv 🤍

BEST Oculus Quest 2 VR FITNESS Games 2022


Are you looking for the best VR Fitness games and VR fitness reviews? Check out this video where I show you the best PCRV and Oculus Quest workout games. I give you my Quest 2 game reviews, answer questions like "is supernatural worth it VR", and give my most recent FitXR review including FitXR HIIT, and x-fitness VR. Are your top VR fitness games the same as my BEST Oculus Quest 2 VR FITNESS Games 2022 list? 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY FREE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO REACHING YOUR VR FITNESS GOALS HERE👇👇 🤍 CHECK OUT THESE LINKS FOR MY VR SETUP: 👉 VRCOVER: 🤍 👉 SIMPLE SILICONE HEADSET COVER: 🤍 👉 MY MERCH STORE: 🤍 Disclaimer: Tine / Viking Princess is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 🤍amazon.com. * SAY HI ON SOCIAL * Website: 🤍vikingprincess.ca Instagram: 🤍instagram.com/vikingprincessvr/ TikTok: 🤍tiktok.com/🤍vikingprincessvr Twitter: 🤍

FREE VR Games for Quest 2 you NEED to Try (+ SteamVR)


I think we're all feelin the VR content draught, but I've been digging for some games that are awesome, but won't destroy your wallet Here are some of the best FREE VR applications I have found. Of course I added VRChat and RecRoom, both things you can live in forever- but there's about 17 other ones that are simply awesome. This video actually took LONGER than I expected because i was too busy playing them, SO! Go play some free VR Games, all you have to lose is time. A lot of these games are either free on SteamVR or are on Oculus App Lab- available for Quest 2, but some of them are straight up store games. All you have to do is search for them! No sideloading needed. MY OUTRO MUSIC: 🤍 MY LINKS: Discord: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 FREE VR GAMES 01:16 MUST HAVE SOCIAL VR GAMES 03:49 The Free Games- Finally 12:24 Did I miss any? Links for all of the games: Rec Room 🤍 🤍 VRChat 🤍 🤍 Gorilla Tag 🤍 🤍 Bigscreen 🤍 🤍 Battle Talent 🤍 🤍 Pavlov Shack 🤍 Liminal 🤍 🤍 Gun Raiders 🤍 Open Brush 🤍 🤍 Gravity Sketch 🤍 🤍 Moon Rider 🤍 Kizuna AI 🤍 Hibow 🤍 🤍 Ancient Dungeon 🤍 🤍 Mission ISS 🤍 Goliath: Playing With Reality 🤍 Echo VR 🤍 Tripp 🤍 Bait 🤍 Gym Class Basketball 🤍 Tea For God 🤍 🤍

Óculos VR, o que dá pra fazer - Melhores Apps e jogos (Shinecon 6.0)


LINK PARA COMPRAR UM VR GLASS SHINECON: 🤍 É impressionante o que é possível fazer com um óculos de realidade virtual, conheça os melhores aplicativos, games, vídeos para se utilizar no seu VR Glass Shinecon 6.0. Aprenda configurar seu óculos, como colocar o celular e como utilizar. DOWNLOAD DOS APPS UTILIZADOS: Google StreetView: 🤍 Full Dive: 🤍 RelaxRiver VR: 🤍 Magic Room VR: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This Video tutorial is intended for educational demonstration only. This should not be used for malicious actions. I am not responsible for what the visitor comes to do with such information. HASHTAGS: #VR #Shinecon #GTech CONTINUE ACOMPANHANDO O NOSSO CONTEÚDO: ▻▻ Segundo canal: 🤍 ▻▻ Blog: 🤍 ▻▻ Encontre-nos nas redes sociais: 🤍guajenet 🤍guajenetoficial CONTATO: ▻▻ Profissional, Parcerias, Divulgação: 🤍 ▻▻ Ajuda e suporte, dúvidas sobre o vídeo atendemos somente nos comentários e redes sociais

Top 5 Virtual Reality Travel Apps list 2022 | VR Travel Apps [In Hindi]


Virtual Reality is playing a vital role in the travel industry, everything changed with the help of Virtual Reality Apps. People can easily travel the whole world by using the best VR travel apps. The idea of VR Travel apps is developed by Google. It is a quiet experience that you can easily travel the whole world from your home, people can not believe it but now it is possible with the help of Virtual Reality. Write to us at sales🤍brsoftech.com or for quick response call us at +91-9982201414. Virtual Reality- Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real, making the user feel they are immersed in their surroundings. This environment is perceived through a device known as a Virtual Reality headset or helmet. Here are the top 5 VR travel apps- #GoogleEarthVR Nasa’s mars 2030 #Boulevard #EVERESTVR #THEBLU With the help of these VR travel applications, you can easily travel the world, and not only the world, but you can even roam around mars with the help of Nasa’s Mars 2030. Here in this video, we will explain to you about these 5 top VR travel applications so stay tuned with BR News for more interesting information about the technology world. To watch more videos like this. Subscribe Our Youtube Channel And Click The Bell Icon. For more information, you can check our website and portfolio by following these URLs. Portfolio: 🤍 Case Study: 🤍 We are specialized in the given website and app development services: 1. App Development Services (🤍 2. Web Development Services (🤍 3. Software Development Services (🤍 4. Blockchain Development Services (🤍 5. Machine Learning Development Services (🤍 6. Artificial Intelligence Development Services (🤍 7. Augmented Reality Development Services (🤍 8. Virtual Reality Development Services (🤍 Follow us on our social media handles for more updates like that: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 🤍 Youtube: 🤍 🤍 Linkedin: 🤍 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍

App Pack | VR Apps For Google Cardboard


Google Cardboard and a smartphone are all you need to experience the immersive world of virtual reality. WIRED's Molly McHugh explores apps for news, gaming, and thrills. Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► 🤍 CONNECT WITH WIRED Web: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Google+: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Want even more? Subscribe to The Scene: 🤍 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. App Pack | VR Apps For Google Cardboard Starring: Molly McHugh

Virtual Reality Travel Using the FREE YouTube VR app and an Oculus Quest 2 headset


We hope to get back on the road and travel again soon, but until then this VR headset is allowing us to see breathtaking views in 360 degrees, its really amazing. The headset was "only" $299 and worth every penny, please let me know if you are thinking of buying a headset, I will be putting out some more reviews of travel apps, as well as exercise apps, and the pros and cons of the Oculus, I hope you subscribe if you enjoyed this video, and stay tuned for more....thank you for watching!!! Oculus Quest 2 on Amazon 64 gb: 🤍 Oculus Quest 2 on Amazon 264 gb:: 🤍 (if you can afford the extra $100 for the 264 gb, I think its worth it)

Over 30 of the BEST Free VR Games 2022 (PCVR & Quest)


Welcome back. Today I continue to help you get the most out of your VR headsets in 2022 so now we have a list of over 30 of the BEST Free VR games. This includes both free PCVR games and free Quest games. To help you find what you are looking for it's organized by genre Kiwi Sale - 🤍 Kiwi Giveaway - 🤍 Intro 00:00 Sponsored AD 00:33 Casual Games 01:06 Bait (Quest) Moon rider (PCVR, Quest) Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat! (Quest) VR Experiences 02:20 Mission: ISS: (Quest) Goliath: Playing with Reality (Quest) Liminal (PCVR, Quest) Invasion (PCVR, Quest) Crow the legend (PCVR, Quest) Tripp (Quest) Shooters 04:20 Pavlov Shack (Quest) Spark (Quest) Gun Raiders (Quest) Propagation VR (PCVR) Horror 05:55 Propagation VR (PCVR) Dagon (PCVR) Polar Dread (Quest) Nevrosa (PCVR) Shattered Lights (PCVR) Roomscale 07:22 Shattered Lights (PCVR) TraVRSal (PCVR, Quest) Tea for God (PCVR, Quest) Social 08:17 Rec Room (PCVR, Quest) Vr Chat (PCVR, Quest) Neos VR (PCVR) Chill out VR (PCVR) Racing 09:50 V-Speedway (Quest) Touring Karts (PCVR, Quest) Competitive/Esport 10:30 Gym Class (Quest) Gorilla Tag (PCVR, Quest) Pokerstars vr (PCVR, Quest) Cards and Tankards (PCVR, Quest) Echo VR (PCVR, Quest) Ultimechs (PCVR, Quest) MMO 12:45 A Township Tale (PCVR) Sims 13:16 Epic roller coasters (PCVR) DCS world (PCVR) War Thunder (PCVR) Action/Adventure 14:00 Battle Talent (PCVR, Quest) A Very Potter VR Game (Quest) Mini Games 15:00 The Lab (PCVR) Spider-man experiences (PCVR) Nvidia Fun House Creativity Apps 15:55 Gravity Sketch (PCVR, Quest) Open Brush (PCVR, Quest) Entertainment Apps 16:15 Netflix (PCVR, Quest) Amazon Prime (PCVR, Quest) Big Screen (PCVR, Quest) Google Earth VR (PCVR) - 🌐 Clips Channel: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🌐 Facebook: 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 👾 Discord Server: 🤍 🎼TikTok - 🤍 📧 Contact: gamingwithmatteo311🤍gmail.com - CHECK OUT 6 YEARS OF VR GAMES RANKED HERE 🤍 WATCH how I LOST 20 Pounds with VR - 🤍 Ways to support me (thanks) * Become a Patreon - 🤍 * Shop here - 🤍 * Check out the Matteo Merch - 🤍 * Try Restream - 🤍 * Set Notifications to All - 🤍 * Burn your money - 🤍 Thank you to my Patreons Florian Fahrenberger Kahvikone Michiel Nugter Qcreator Samson Egilman Skeeva StudioForm VR Tectas Travis Lehmann Zanda 🤍 Promo code VRPROMO Awesome accessories from Kiwi Design 🤍 Use Code Matteo311 for 5% off #vr #vrgaming #quest2 Thanks for watching Over 30 of the BEST Free VR Games 2022 (PCVR & Quest)

How To Setup & Use a VR Headset — Beginner's Guide


▶ Subscribe: 🤍 ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Welcome, Guys! In this Video, I will be teaching you how to set up a VR headset and how to properly use it. I hope you will find this guide helpful. Please feel free to comment down below and I will answer your queries. Thanks for Watching! Please, Subscribe! ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ➥Follow Us On Facebook 🤍 ➥Follow Us On Twitter 🤍 ➥Follow Us On Google+ 🤍

Introduction to VR in Unity - PART 1 : VR SETUP


If you want to get started with VR development. This video is for you. ▶ Get access to exclusive content: 🤍 ▶ Join the Discord channel: 🤍 Want more details ? Check arvrtips articles : ▶How to Install Unity Hub and Setup a VR Project : 🤍 ▶The Only 3 Things You Need to Make a VR Game: 🤍 -LINKS- Download Unity : 🤍 HDRP vs URP : 🤍 Unity XR Platform Blog Post : 🤍 #vr #vrdev #madewithunity

Vlog: VR-app helpt mensen met angst voor feestjes (Bright Lab)


Dana Maria Faneker won in mei de VR Challenge: haar idee voor angsttherapie in VR wordt door Samsung tot een echte app gebouwd. Een eerste VR-app heeft ze al en die helpt mensen met 'feestjesangst'. Bram probeerde hem. Abonneer je op ons kanaal ▷🤍 Lees het laatste technieuws: 🤍 Verdieping over vernieuwing in ons magazine Bright Ideas: 🤍 Test de toekomst op Bright Day: 🤍 Volg Bright op social media: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Download de Bright-apps: iOS 🤍 Android 🤍 Windows 🤍

The BEST VR Headset in the WORLD - I CAN'T GO BACK!


This is the Varjo XR3, legit the best VR and XR headset I have ever used. Some of my experiences in this video could be categorized as a life changing experience, especially in the Virtual World. This was one of the coolest devices I have ever used. I want to thank Foxguard solutions for letting me borrow this headset for a while to make a video. They are a reseller of Varjo products. If you are interested, here's a link: 🤍 Here are my links! My Stream: 🤍 My discord: Discord.gg/Thrill Patreon link: 🤍

Nature Treks VR: Relaxing in Virtual Reality (New Oculus Go Apps) [2018]


Nature Treks VR is a new paid Oculus Go app that lets you play around in relaxing virtual environments. Come watch me relax in cool worlds and see if it's worth your $7.99. ➡️ Download in Oculus Store: 🤍 OCULUS GO APP REVIEW There are a few meditation apps in the Oculus Store. For the most part, when I've tried these apps, they have always come a bit short in really helping me relax. Sometimes it's the quality of the app, sometimes its the fact that you have an Oculus Go on your head. Nature Treks VR is definitely one of the better relaxation apps I've tried. There are a handful of different scenes that you can explore with different objects that you can control. You can control the weather, change the time or day, and even summon plants and other things. The thing that really made me like this app was how realistic the environments felt. If you've tried different VR apps, you might have noticed that there is a moment in virtual reality where your brain knows its being tricked. I noticed that this was happening a lot with this app. Whether it was the running rabbits or falling snow, the quality of the environments really did trick me at times and I forgot I was in an app. The only feedback I really have is to add more items that I can control and environments. Outside of that, I would highly recommend checking Nature Treks VR out. 4/5 - September 2018 MORE VIDEOS TO WATCH ✅ New Oculus Go Games and Apps (Playlist): 🤍 ✅ Best Oculus Go Games and Apps (Playlist): 🤍 ✅ Best Oculus Go Video Apps: Free 360 VR Videos [2018] 🤍 ✅ Best Oculus Go Games: Free VR Games to Try [2018]: 🤍 ✅ Best Oculus Go Apps: Try with Friends New to VR [2018]: 🤍 CHANNEL 📱 Instagram - 🤍dre8vr : 🤍 📧 Email: aovrmedia🤍gmail.com ❤️ Subscribe: 🤍 💵 Donate (anything helps): 🤍 #oculusgo #oculusgogame #newoculusgogame #oculusgogamereview #dre8vr #oculusgogameplay

Trapped in the Metaverse: Here’s What 24 Hours in VR Feels Like | WSJ


Everyone is blabbing about the metaverse. But what does this future digital world look like? WSJ’s Joanna Stern checked into a hotel and strapped on a virtual-reality headset for the day. She went to work meetings, hung out with new avatar friends and attended virtual shows. Photo illustration: Tammy Lian / The Wall Street Journal More from the Wall Street Journal:Visit WSJ.com: 🤍it the WSJ Video Center: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Snapchat: 🤍 #Metaverse #JoannaStern #WSJ #JoannaStern

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